Liberty Systems is one of the largest distributors of data collection products in North America.

As a Symbol Business Partner, Liberty Systems offers product values unparalleled by other distributors.


Technical Support: Liberty Systems has a staff with over 35 years of experience in the automatic data capture field to assist you with any and all technical problems that you may encounter with our equipment or software.

We here at Minnesota Barcode Systems believe that a customer with a problem doesn’t want to speak to an automated phone system. When one of our customers calls our 800 number with a problem, they won’t get an automated phone system asking them " Please choose from the following options, then press pound", they will get an actual living, breathing knowledgeable human being on the other end with many years of experience. So give us a chance to show you that we are human.

Custom Programming: We have a working relationship with a pool of programmers here to help you with any and all programming needs; regardless of language.

24 / 48 Hour Shipping: We ship most orders within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your purchase order. From there we can ship anywhere, anytime with any kind of service you could want, whether you want next day air service or can wait for ground, we can ship it anyway you ask.

Label Printing: We can print your bar code labels for you, either numerically incremental or from your database. We even print labels without bar codes.

Wireless Network Equipment Installation: We offer our services to come to your facility and install your access points, antennas and fork lift mounted terminals to industry specifications.

Site Surveys: If you are thinking about going RF with your network, we will come out and do a preliminary site survey to give you a good estimate on what you will need and how much it will cost.

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