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Product: ELTRON TLP 2742
Description: Eltron's low cost, desktop TLP 2742 printers are tough, versatile and hard working. Their rugged design and throughput give you maximum performance in a variety of applications. With a range of printing choices, the TLP series printers give you many features your business needs for any labeling need. Elton printers are designed for fast, flexible and reliable bar code label printing. Save space on your desktop while printing labels and tags with text, graphics and a wide range of barcodes.
Product: SATO CX 200
Description: The CX 200 reflects the innovative design and reliability that has become synonymous with the SATO name. This means you can simply add any printer into existing applications, combining the level and capability of the various SATO printer models to meet your changing needs.
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Product: SATO M-8400RV
Combines the mechanical print systems of the industry standard M-8400 printer with advanced RISC-based processor technology to deliver the benefits of the M-8400. The rugged metal chassis makes it equally at home in heavy-duty industrial applications as well as desktop bar code applications. And it's plug-and-play compatible.
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Product: SATO CL608
Create and print labels up to a full 6" wide (7" overall width) at speeds of up to 8" per second with the CL608 wide web industrial printer! The CL608's 203 dpi, 6" wide print head makes it possible to print large format compliance labels at top speed. With its 16 built-in symbologies and 22 text fonts, the CL608 is the perfect way to print labels for a wide variety of applications.
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Product: SATO XL400/410
The XL400/410 includes heavy duty print mechanism and cutter assembly to ensure SATO's tradition of rugged durability. Its industrial chassis and 32-bit RISC high performance processor tackles even the most demanding print jobs with ease and reliable consistency.
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