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Product: PPT 4600 Portable Pen Terminal Series
The award-winning PPT 4600 is the high-performance, ruggedized pen terminal of choice, offering both linear and two-dimensional scanning capabilities in an ergonomic, environmentally sealed case that withstands repeated 6.6ft/2 m drops to concrete. Available with either a full-screen or a half-screen 16-level grayscale display, the PPT 4600 is ideal for use in remote locations including public safety, trucking and logistics applications.
 * Product Specification PDF File
Product: PPT 4300 Portable Pen Computer
Ergonomically designed and balanced for comfort, the high-performance PPT 4300 excels in mobile applications requiring real-time information-intensive, data collection and retrieval in critical thin-client, client/server environments. Ideal for Healthcare applications, the durable PPT 4300 is sealed in a fluid-resistant case and features optional integrated bar code scanning, a full QWERTY backlit keyboard; high-resolution color VGA display; integrated radio for wireless communications. The PPT 4300 supports both Microsoft Windows applications and character-based, terminal-emulated legacy applications.
Product: PPT 4500 Portable Pen Terminal Series
The lightest, most powerful hand-held pen computer in its class, the modular PPT 4500 offers the attachments to meet virtually any pen-based application need. Along with a large 7.2in./18.3 cm high-resolution color VGA display, the PPT 4500 offers a choice of wireless communications, detachable integrated scanner and/or 10-key numerical keyboard, two PC Card slots, and high-speed infrared port for wireless printing capabilities.