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Minnesota Barcode Systems Barcloner System Barcode Chameleon

The Barcode Chameleon is a complete stand alone solution for converting OCR characters to bar code formats.

By duplicating the characters exactly into a bar code format, no software changes in your library system are required. The systems miniaturized computer is custom programmed for use with one of your existing OCR scanners for data input. This eliminates the cost for additional hardware components. Once the library conversion is complete, the system can continue to be used for new label printing or duplicating. Input for these labels can be through the use of the keyboard or by adding a bar code scanner. The production of labels is effortless. When you scan the OCR characters the information is sent to the Chameleon system where it is converted into a bar code symbology. The complete operation from scanning to completion of printing is less than 1 second. The Chameleon is guaranteed to produce bar code labels that meet international specifications and that are readable by all scanners and Self Checkout Systems. The Barcode Chameleon is quite versatile and transports easily. For portable applications the Chameleon printer is available with a rechargeable battery. With the use of a cart, you simply attach an extension cord or UPS power supply to the OCR scanner. This allows you to print labels while moving throughout the library. The Chameleon has an integrated keypad and display that allow you to type the characters should the original not be scannable. The compact printer occupies minimal space and can be located on or below your work area. The Chameleon is simple to set up and requires no computer or library experience to operate. Because the system is stand alone there is no interruption to daily library operations and it can be operated by anyone at anytime. The Chameleon uses the latest in label technology as well. Designed specifically for library use, the Chameleon labels use an extra durable adhesive and special coating to reduce wear. The protective coating eliminates the need for additional tape over the label.