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The Barcloner System


The Barcloner allows libraries of all sizes to produce bar code labels on the spot anywhere in the library. Just scan the existing bar code and out comes a label that meets your new specifications or duplicates the existing label. Anyone can operate the system.

There is no library or computer experience required so non library personnel can easily create labels. The relabeling procedure automatically creates a control system that guarantees placement of the duplicate label on the right book. This eliminates problems inherent in other systems where preprinted bar codes can be accidentally placed on the wrong book. The entire solution can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack providing complete mobility. Set up and operation are simple. In fact, this system is so easy to operate that you simply press the trigger on the scanner and out comes a new label in less than a second. The systems utilize the new Symbol Technologies' laser scanners. These scanners can read the most difficult bar codes. For those labels that are totally unreadable the Barcloner System has an integrated keypad and display so that you can type the numbers or characters for a new label. You even have the ability to choose a new bar code symbology to replace the old one. The Barcloner is guaranteed to produce bar code labels that meet international specifications and that are readable by all scanners and self check out systems.