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Liberty Systems Barcloner System Barcode Chameleon

Liberty Systems is a Symbol Business Partner and your source for library solutions. We have spent the last six years working with libraries & Symbol Technologies to develop new ideas, systems, and products to better serve the library industry.

Our Solutions Include

  • Bar code scanners to work with all library software programs.
  • Portable Bar Code and data entry terminals for inventory.
  • The Chameleon - an OCR to bar code label conversion solution.
  • The Barcloner - a Bar code label duplicating solution for relabeling. Useful for self-check systems.
  • The BookTracker - a small, portable, hand-held inventory device.
  • Bar code label printers to fit your needs.
  • Labels, ribbons, and label making software.

Whatever your need, whatever your situation, we have the people and resources to find the right solution for you and your library.

Liberty Systems is a Symbol Business Partner. We continually commit time and resources to upgrade our skills and knowledge to develop and deliver the most cost-effective custom solutions using new technology, equipment and software products as we move our customers into the new millennium.

The Barcloner is a complete portable bar code printing and duplicating system that can reproduce or manually create bar code labels on the spot anywhere in the library. With the included scanner, one can either scan an existing label or hand enter the information on the keyboard display unit.

Barcloner 1000 $1,395

Barcloner Deluxe $1,695


LS1006 PC Kit  LS2106 PC Kit  LS4006 PC Kit 
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